Carody Culver is a Brisbane-based freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared in The Lifted Brow online, The Toast, Kill Your Darlingsfrankie online, Daily LifePeppermintBroadsheetArcher, SeizureBooks+Publishing, and Spook; she was also the 2014 books columnist for Killings, the Kill Your Darlings blog. She holds a PhD in Literary Studies and has had academic papers published in the Journal of Language, Literature and Culture and M/C Journal.

Carody is a contributing editor at Peppermint magazine and co-editor at the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary, an ongoing writing and performance project redolent with puns, polyester, and precariously placed wigs.

As a freelance editor and copywriter, Carody has successfully completed projects for a variety of creative and corporate clients, including Queensland University of Technology, the State Library of QueenslandSupreme Court Library of Queensland, Cole Lawson Communications, StudySelect, and The Fashion Archives. She’s also proofread manuscripts for Affirm Press, guest-edited a special issue of M/C Journaland provided reader’s reports for The University of Queensland Press. She regularly writes and edits copy for small businesses and independent creatives and edits and proofreads PhD theses, academic journal articles, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, and professional documents that include annual reports, workplace policies, and tertiary course profiles.

In 2013, Carody was chosen as one of Seizure Journal’s four winning editors for their Viva La Novella 2 project, and worked with one of the competition’s four winning authors, the very talented Julie Proudfoot, to help her prepare her novella, The Neighbour, for publication.