Essays & opinion

‘We used to be friends: a review of Claire Messud’s The Burning Girl’ (The Lifted Brow, October 2017)

‘The complexity of being earnest: a review of Kate Tempest’s The Bricks that Built the Houses (The Lifted Brow, June 2016)

‘Five questionable retro cookbooks’ (frankie, March 2016)

‘Why we need to give female food writers more respect’ (Daily Life, January 2016)

‘Dressed for sexuality’ (originally published in issue 3 of Archer magazine, November 2014; published online in August 2015)

‘No such thing as monsters: Shirley Jackson and the unspeakable everyday’ (issue 22 of Kill Your Darlings, June 2015)

‘The two worlds of David Lynch’ (Spook, 7 April 2015)

‘Beneath the skirts of cinema’s golden age’ (Spook, 28 January 2015)

‘Pulping the classics: bad romance by great writers’ (The Toast, 19 December 2014)

‘This is why you can’t be lesbian for a year’ (Junkee, 17 September 2014)

‘Desk jockeying: how I learned to stop worrying and love my work’ (issue 16 of Kill Your Darlings, January 2014)

‘My kitchen, myself: constructing the feminine identity in contemporary cookbooks’ (volume 16, number 3 of M/C JournalJune 2013)

‘A matter of taste’ (catalogue essay for artist Elizabeth Willing’s ‘Leaving the Table’ exhibition at Brisbane’s Boxcopy in April/May 2013)

‘Writing the capital: the myth of community in NW and Capital‘ (issue 13 of Kill Your Darlings, April 2013)


(Carody’s 2014 books columns for Killings can be found here).

‘Eleven years later’ (book review of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch for Killings, October 2013)

‘Return to Wolf Creek: does Australia care?’ (Killings, July 2013)

‘Cloud hopping’ (film review of Cloud Atlas for Killings, January 2013)

‘I won’t be eating my words: narrative in cookbooks’ (Killings, October 2012)

‘Not such a bitter aftertaste’ (book review of Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth for Killings, August 2012)